Northern California Hacks 2023

Bringing community together from coders, to engineers, to writers, and of course speedcubers. And of course, we can't forget about our fundraiser portion of the hackathon. Join the Community

About Us

Events for all interests NorCal Hacks is a (not official) non-profit designed to host events for everyone, to grow the community and rise for good causes. 
Fundraise for good causes  Not only do we host events, but we want to also help the world. We'll be fundraising for good causes as much as we can.
Make Community Part of our goal is to grow the community. We'll be doing all we can to make it a great space for everyone to have fun and enjoy, by learning and staying well.
Prizes for all All participants get prizes- isn't that something special? We also have cool prizes for winners, including certificates and more.
College Apps Galore Being apart of this is one thing, and winning it is another, but something that's awesome is that our highschool students who win get something extra to add on to their resume!
Super duper fun! Perhaps, the best part- everyone can have so much fun being apart of these awesome events!

NorCal Spring 2023

Hosted On February 10th - February 13th


Events: 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, Pyra, Mega, and Sq-1! 3 rounds for each, 50% advance. 3x3 finals live.  All other events require recording. AGES: Under 23y.


Code a project in around 60 hours, related to a given topic. Teams can be of 1-3 participants. AGES: 13-23y.


Use Steam Concepts to design, build, prototype, and present a project using steam concepts. 1-4 members/team. AGGES: 7-13y.


Write a piece of literature and explain your piece to our handpicked authors and judges. Ages: Under 23y.


Feel free to attend our ~77 hour livestream with events, games, workshops, special guests and more. Prizes will be given throughout. ALL participants

Meet the Team

Not all of our team is on here. They will be added shortly.
Blizzy Co-Founder
Dhruva Co-Founder
Barberry Official BOD
Samsung Official BOD
Yzde BOD Marketing 

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